Questions based around the 9/10 Sermon

9/10 | John 1:1-18

  • Read John 1:1-4.  How was creation a prelude to Jesus’ ultimate creation? For a reminder of the original creation story, and how it uses words like beginning, darkness, and light, read Genesis 1:1-5.  To see how it uses “life,” read Genesis 2:5-7.  

  • In the Genesis account, God breathes the breath of life into the nostrils of Adam to turn him from dust into a living human (Genesis 2:5-7). Read John 1:4-18.  What similarities does Jesus’ work as the Light of the World have with God’s life-breathing work as described in Genesis?  How have you seen Jesus’ work affect your life?

  • Reread John 1:9-13.  In American culture, Jesus is a well-known figure.  In your experience, what views of Jesus keep people from truly knowing him, from receiving him?  (give specific examples).

  • If you had to write a description of who Jesus is for you, what would you write?