John 3 Sermon-Based Questions (For the Sermon Preached on 10/1)

John 3 Sermon-Based Questions

From the sermon preached on 10/1/17


The core:   Run to the light!  


1.John 3:16 is the famous verse about Jesus giving eternal life to anyone who believes in him.  As Rick pointed out, though, it is sandwiched between verses about Jesus’ death (14-15) and verses about a humanity that is condemned to death (verses 17-18).  

Read John 3:14-18.   How does the picture of God as the perfect judge who condemns all evil shape the way you think of His saving love?


2.  Read John 3:19-21.  Rick pointed out that Nicodemus (vv. 1-14) is a picture of someone who stayed in the darkness rather than running to the light.  John (vv. 22-30), on the other hand, is an example of someone who ran to the light.

Pick either Nicodemus or John.  Then, read that person’s part of the story.  What do you learn about their view of Jesus and His mission from their part of the story?



  1. When talking about John the Baptist in verses 27-30, Rick pointed out that as we get to know Jesus more; the smaller we become in our own eyes, the larger Jesus becomes.  Have you seen this be true in your own experience?  If so, how?  
  2. What does it mean for you to practice coming to the light?  And what does forgiveness have to do with it?  How have you seen forgiveness pull you or somebody else into the light of Jesus?
  3. Are there any areas of your life that you are particularly prone to make yours and yours alone?  What would it look like for you to recognize that those areas belong to Jesus?  What steps could you take to run to the light?