John 2 Sermon-Based Questions: For the Sermon Preached on 9/24/17

The core: 

John 2 is all about God turning us from empty people into feasting people by making us incorruptible worshippers.


The Wedding Feast:  Jesus changes barrenness into feasting (ritual—> reality)

  • Rick noted that John spares no details in the story of the wedding feast.  Read verses 1-11 out loud.  What details do you see, and what do you think John is trying to communicate through those details?  Hint: use Isaiah 25:6-9, Psalm 23:5-6, and John 1:16-17 for background.   

(Note to leader: look for details about what jars were for, their size, their fullness, the quality of the wine, the surprise of the banquet master.  These details point toward Jesus as the one who brings the true fullness of God’s Kingdom).  

The Temple Cleansing: Jesus secures pure worship by removing and replacing the corruptible

  • Read verses 13-22.  What does Jesus cleaning out the Temple say about His priorities?  How does Jesus death and reflection reflect those priorities?

Explore and Apply

  • The wedding miracle and the temple cleansing were both meant to point toward the glory of Jesus—the One Who fulfills us and Who makes us clean.  But not everybody realized what these signs pointed toward!  Rick stated: “God wants us to see his purposes, Jesus’ mission, and the Spirit at work in the details of our daily lives.”  What tends to keep you from seeing God in your daily details?  Can you give specific examples?
  • Rick said: “God is far more committed to changing us than changing our life circumstances.”  Have you seen that to be the case?  How?
  • Reflect for a moment…How have you seen God at work in the midst of a good thing or a hard thing this past week?  Keep an eye out this next week for how Jesus is working behind hard things and how He’s giving you a taste of your future hope through the good things.  Be ready to share with your group.