9/17 Sermon Questions to Pick from or to Just Spur your Thoughts

9/17 | John 1:19-51

  1. Read John 1:19-34.  What does John the Baptist want people to understand about what he has to offer?  What does John the Baptist want people to understand about what Jesus has to offer?

  2. Rick talked about what a relief it is to NOT be the Messiah.  He said that our culture’s urge to “make a difference,” “change the world,” “live a life that counts,” and “be a warrior/hero” can often lead to despair from comparison.  Can you relate?  Why or why not?  If so, could you give a specific example?

  3. What does it mean to have the problem of evil be “in here” and not “out there”?  Can you give an example?

  4. Read John 1:15 and 26-27.  Why is John so eager to point the spotlight away from himself and onto Jesus?  What good things do you find yourself wanting people to notice about you?  How is Jesus better than those things?

  5. Rick pointed out that “To serve Jesus is to surrender lest attention be diverted from him.  As our thrill over His ever-advancing brightness increases, we are released from worrying about how much light our labor adds to it.”  Has there been a time when you were thrilled by Jesus’ work in and through you or in and through people around you?  What was it like?

  6. Rick spoke about the right type of training being important for witnesses of Jesus--training that helps them simply tell what they see.  What relationships and places has God put you in to “tell what you see?”

  7. Read John 35-51. Do you think “come and see Jesus” could be the motto of our small group?  If so, how?  If not, why not?