Believing in Jesus is…

  • to become more and more satisfied in Jesus so that I place less and less faith/hope in this life (verse 35)
  • to increasingly anticipate that Jesus’ grip on us will overcome our weak grip on him (36-47)
  • to marvel more and more that the Father keeps drawing us in and apprenticing us SO THAT less and less of our lives are ruled by the anxiety of believing in ourselves


Read John 6:22-35 and look for what the crowd seems to care about.

  • Why did the crowds follow Jesus, and what might that say about how they viewed Jesus? 
  • What does it mean to have “believing in Jesus” be the work that God has given us to do? (vv. 28-29)
  • Rick said that this passage shows how Jesus is the manna that makes it possible for wilderness wanderers to get to the promised land.  As you think about what you know of Jesus, how do you see this being true?



  1. Rick used the picture of wilderness-wandering as a way to help us think about following Jesus.  He mentioned that we can get sidetracked from following Jesus by “tents with air-conditioner units” and people who invite us to sit down and to maybe buy a tent of our own.  We aren’t told to “stop following” Jesus, we’re just invited to sit down for a while.  What, in your life, tends to claim your attention and side-track you from following?  How have you seen Jesus be better than those things?
  2. Read verses 36-40.  What do these verses say about Jesus’ grip on those who trust Him?  How does the idea of being in Jesus’ grip affect the way that you think of your relationship with God, your level-of faith, etc.?  Can you give a specific example to help flesh it out?
  3. Rick said that we should think of “believing” as an arrow, not a period.  What did he mean by that?  What are some ways that we could help each other in our day-to-day work of believing?