John 4: Sermon Based Questions (For the Sermon Preached on 10/8)

The core:   The Living Water in us is Given in order to Flow Out into Reaping


Read John 4:1-26.   Rick described Jesus as being “gently persistent” in His conversation with the Samaritan woman in spite of the social barriers and boundaries that normally would’ve kept them separated.

How was Jesus gently persistent in the course of this conversation, and what boundaries was he pushing through?


  1. Rick talked about how barriers tend to keep us from gently pushing through people’s “I’m ok” exterior to learn about their deeper thirsts.  He spoke of race, education level, wealth, gender (or view of gender), appearances, religion, disabilities, mental health issues, addiction, and criminal lifestyle as being examples of these barriers.  Have you seen any of these barriers crop up in your own experience?  If so, how?  Have you ever pressed through a barrier like this with somebody?  What was it like?

  2. Read verses 13-14.  The “holiness” video (shown during the sermon) showed how when Jesus touched people who were unclean, He made them clean.  Jesus, the video pointed out, is like the purifying water that Ezekiel wrote about—the water of God’s Presence that flows out and makes the whole world whole.  And Jesus’ followers overflow with that water to a broken world.  How did you first come in contact with the “living water?”  OR “Who are you hoping God might spread His living water to through you?”

  3. Read verses 31-38.  Rick mentioned that, like Jesus, our souls feed off of the mission of carrying living water to people who are desperately thirsty.  Our job is to help people connect their thirst with the living water that Jesus offers.  Have you ever been energized by pointing others toward Jesus with words or works?  How?  What does it look like to develop a hunger for doing this water-carrying work?  

  4. Rick used the imagery of fishing to help us think about our mission.  What might it look like for you to grab onto a piece of the net together as a group?  In other words, how could you help each other use words and works to introduce people to Jesus?