Religion without Revelation - Part 1 (Jeremiah 7-9)


Lord, please keep "plowing under" us with this past Sunday's sermon, and the text of Jeremiah 7:1-15 this week.

Remove our resistance to Your work--to the way You use Your Word to plow under our false assumptions about what is important in life. Keep us from trusting in ourselves--thinking that we need to behave right to be right with You. At the same time, keep us from hearing Your Word but not doing Your Word.

Instead, please make Your Words our song. Make our hearts beat faster with wonder at the way You show us mercy. Remind us how You have rescued us through Jesus and help us recognize that we, right now, depend on Jesus. Lead us into the works You've prepared for us.

Finally, please give us more stories of how You are working both in us and through us. Give us a burden to join all of the universe in speaking Your greatness--the greatness of our Creator and our Redeemer.

As always, contact Matt or Rick if you have a God-at-Work story you'd like to share!