Introducing Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1)

This Fall, we’ll be working our way through the book of Acts.  It’s all about the active witness of Jesus working through His people.  In a messy and electrifying time, the early believers were seeking to live as a family of refugees on this earth—proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom even in the face of suffering.

In order to prepare for our time in the New Testament book of Acts, we’ll be spending several weeks in the Old Testament book of Jeremiah.

Why?  That’s the question we explored this past Sunday.

Here are some quotes from the sermon.

“If the book of Acts presents God’s people as an active witness, the book of Jeremiah presents God’s people as a lost witness.”

“We can’t move forward unless we realize where we, as the church in America, are on this spectrum as a witness?  Are we lost, or are we active?  The answer, I think, is that we are right between these two.  We are not an active witness.  We are a passive witness.  And we are moving toward being a lost witness.”

“My prayer is that we will not leave here hopeless, but that we will leave here hearing.”

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