We love our college students!  We want to be an extended family to them.  As this extended family, we want to encourage/equip college students BUT we are also excited to learn from them as we grow in Christ together.  We do this through campus ministry partnerships and through an "adopt-a-student" initiative.

Campus Ministry Partnerships

The Greater Lansing area has many good campus ministries, but we primarily partner with Cru and the Navigators.  The staff members and student leaders below are also members of Red Cedar.  We'd be glad to help you get in touch with them if you'd like to learn more.  Drop us a note below!

brian and robin langford

Get in touch with us here, and we can connect you with one of our Navigator students!


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At the beginning of each semester, we try to pair students with families or individuals at Red Cedar Church.  Then, we encourage them to share meals together every now and then throughout the school year.  

We hope and pray for relationships to develop that put the love of Jesus on display.

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